Having you been overwhelmed by ALL the rules and differences in getting started eating KETO!? I understand and wanted to let you know that it DOES NOT have to be hard!  

I encourage all my newbies to take it easy in the beginning and focus on a few small goals their first month or two!  THEN when you feel like you have a handle on the whole LOWER YOUR CARB angle of KETO, you can start fine tuning your lifestyle.  But until then, here are my simple getting started ideas to keep you SANE and thriving!!


1-KISS-KEEP IT SIMPLE SILLY In the beginning DON’T overthink it! Reduce your overall carb intake and eat when you are hungry and EAT FAT FIRST! Fine tuning comes later!  Let your carbs come from PLANTS that are grown above ground and just pay attention to your overall carb count.  If you are going from 200 carbs per day down to 20-30, that will be PLENTY to focus on!  Make the best choices you can and don’t beat yourself up if it’s not PERFECT!


2-CUT THOSE CARBS Start out by restricting refined, processed carbs (pasta, bread, grains, most fruit) to 20-30 carbs PER DAY.Yes. Per day… I know that might be hard in the beginning but there are TONS of recipes all over the internet to help you curb those hunger and snack cravings.  You can check out Google search or Pinterest for thousands of ideas!  Make sure to have your carbs come from veggies grown above ground instead of processed “low carb” snacks that can actually hinder your goals and progress.  Treats you can purchase at the store are ok once and a while but focus on getting good, nutrient dense foods in you and EAT LOTS OF FAT if you feel hungry!!


3-FAT IS YOUR FRIEND Speaking of fat…Did someone say BACON!!? YES WE DID! Load up on ALL the good healthy fats like coconut oil, avocados, full fat dressing, olive oil and fatty cuts of meat and portioned amounts of nuts and seeds! You will feel full, satisfied and won’t eat as much!  If you are hungry or snacky, remember that you are probably NOT getting enough fat.  Don’t be afraid to use 1 TBSP of butter PER scrambled egg!  Fatty Coffee is a MUST have in our household and helps us stay satisfied all morning long!!  Another great way to make sure you are getting enough FAT in the beginning of this way of eating is making delicious FAT BOMBS!!! There are tons of recipes and variations out there but I love these Lemon Cream cheese bites that are simple and easy to whip up!


4-DRINK LOTS OF WATER… LOTS! Not only is water GOOD for all of our organ function and helps to flush out toxins, but it can easily aid in fat loss and losing weight faster! In ketosis, you’ve rid your muscles of glycogen which holds on to water. As your body burns through that stored glycogen and you don’t replace it because you aren’t eating carbs, your body’s water stores get depleted as well. So its important to drink up to avoid dehydration!  This is SO good to remember in the first week or two as your body is detoxing all that SUGAR and you feel those headaches pounding!  Equally as important is to make sure you are getting ENOUGH SALT!!!  Check out saltfix.com to learn about the WHY behind the need for salt, but if you are feeling sluggish, tired or can’t seem to shake the headache, place 1/8tsp of pink hymilaian sea salt in 1-2oz of warm water and CHUG!  Boullion cubes and chicken broth are also good to replenish your electrolytes as well!  You can check out my mom, Ask Nurse Cindys video on the importance of salt HERE!


5-DON’T OVERDO THE PROTEIN Excess protein on KETO creates an energy process called gluconeogenesis (GNG), where the body turns that protein into glucose. When the body turns to protein for fuel, it keeps your body from going into ketosis.  Moderate protein is different than different diets where protein is a free for all.  If you are using a tracker like My Fitness Pal or the AMAZING Maria Emmerich calculator HERE you can better calculate how much protein your body type needs. Again, in the beginning, don’t fret TOO MUCH about this!  If you feel like you are not losing weight or stuck at a stall, that’s when its important to pay attention to the AMOUNT of protein we actually need to consume!


I hope that this was helpful for you and that you feel empowered to take your life, emotions and energy to the next level!  Many people start to feel the BRAIN BOOST within the first week or two and start SOARING in the first and second month!


We also LOVE a supplement that are actual ketone bodies you can DRINK and get into KETOSIS within an hour!  I have found that many people just starting out are actually able to AVOID the dreaded “keto flu” symptoms and feel those bursts of energy immediately!  If you are interested in learning more and getting some EXOGENOUS KETONES in your hands as you start your journey, click the link below!  We use them daily and find the support it gives our body is FANTASTIC!

Have fun, keep it simple and KETO ON!


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xox, Rachael Dee

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