Well y’all…

Pregnancy can be SO HARD.

(All my mamas shouted AMEN!)

I think the thing I am struggling with the most is getting dinner on the table.

You see, I am coming up on my third trimester and JUST NOT HUNGRY.  Between feeling so swollen to aches and pains and mild nausea on and off, dinner time comes around and it’s like I TOTALLY forget about my poor hubby…

Poor poor hungry hubby.

So we came up with STUPID EASY PIZZA to make the world a better place.  And I promise you, this will become a WEEKLY staple in your house!  Double or triple the recipe and watch the entire family go BUCK WILD!!!

On my Facebook today I took this simple recipe and showed you how to make this simple recipe into sandwich rounds and LET ME TELL you they are SO GOOD!

The recipe is for a single serving, so depending on how many you are cooking for, feel free to double up on it!  Also you can get TOTALLY creative with the spices!

HAVE FUN and comment below with how you create your STUPID EASY PIZZA!




1 cup shredded Mozz. Cheese

1/4 cup almond flour (I am fairly liberal with this amount)

Seasoning to taste



-Preheat over to 350

-Mix all the ingredients together

-Pat as thinly as possible (texture will look chunky)

-If making sandwich rounds, divide into 2-4 pieces and pat thin

-Bake for 10 min.  Remove from overn, add toppings and crisp for an additional 2-5min

(If making rounds, cook for 12-15min straight)

-Remove from oven, let sit for 2-5min and INHALE!!!



Rachael Dee

Check out my video where I show you how EASY it is to make!!! <3


Why Diabetics can benefit from LOW CARB/KETO!

Why Diabetics can benefit from LOW CARB/KETO!

Here is why I believe ANY diabetic would benefit from eating low carb!

From blood sugar management, mood enhancement, better sleep and hormone balancing, limiting and eleminating CARBS has profound benefits for those with insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and type 1! As a type 1 diabetic of 33 years, come hear my WHY and the reason I will NEVER go back to a lifestyle of eating CARBAGE!  Keto and low carb eating has given me my life back and I am passionate share with others the value (beyond weight loss) and importance of limiting carbohydrate intake. Check out the Facebook LIVE I did last week and make sure to empower yourself with informed self care and research!  There is so much valuable information out there discussing the myriads of benefits for those struggling with diabetes.  There is hope my friends and I am on a journey of learning as much as I can and sharing my story! xox, Rachael Dee

Friday Favorites- Gates Heritage Cutting Boards

Friday Favorites- Gates Heritage Cutting Boards

Let’s talk about our KETO KITCHEN!  Ok friends so I am starting a new series called my FRIDAY FAVORITES! Each week (or so) I am going to post reviews, tips and keto things that I have come to use and loooooooooove!  So many of you ask me ALL THE TIME about the different things I use in my kitchen, so I thought this would be a super fun way to share the keto love! This week I am reviewing the AHHHHHHMAZING cutting boards from GATES HERITAGE!  These cool keto cats, Brad & Darby Gates, are friends of mine that hand craft Custom Built Furniture. Their flare is Modern Mid Century Furniture & Design and yall it is AHHHHHMAZING!  Today I am reviewing these GORGEOUS cutting boards they sent me!



One of the things I have come to love MOST about the KETO community is how I get the opportunity to connect or reconnect with incredible people. And heck, I am a PEOPLE PERSON and love getting to meet so many friendly faces! Darby is the Owner, Designer, Artist at Gates Heritage and she reached out to me many months ago about this “keto thing” I was doing. I jumped for joy that a friend wanted to do it alongside of me and shared the tiny bit of information I had at the time!  We knew each other through my sister and because fast KETO friends! Coolest thing is SHE IS KILLING IT ON KETO! I mean seriously yall, killing it!  From exotic recipes to massive weight loss, this chic is running as hard and as fast as she can to total health and wellness!  I couldn’t be more proud and feel like I learn new tips and tricks from her ALL OF THE TIME!!! Here’s a bit of her story!
Three months ago I woke up, looked in the mirror and thought “WTF happened to you?” Literally woke up. I decided I didn’t like feeling like crap, or looking like crap, so I changed my outlook and started on the road to fixing it. I have tried every diet plan, weight loss plan, meal plan, shake plan, counting points, you name it out there. It was a quick fix, a few weeks, and then I’d just give up. I had lost most hope in ever not being a unhealthy blob. All in the meantime, I had been reading and studying and learning about this way of eating for MONTHS, a lifestyle, that put your body into a natural state of energy and function that also served as a way to shed some weight. It fascinated me. I knew a few friends who were doing it and watched their transformations and secretly wished I could do something like that. Then I did it. March 8th 2017, I kickstarted my morning off with a bulletproof coffee, hard boiled eggs and some bacon…and I haven’t looked back since. I have adapted to this crazy, but not really, way of living. Letting my body release all the stored fat and teaching it to attack the mass amounts of fat I eat FIRST to lose weight. I thought it would never work. I was waiting for the other shoe to drop and for this to be another failure. 35+ lbs lost to date in less than three months proved me wrong. A 180 degree shift in my mindset, my energy, my health. I am more awake. More alert. More aware. I feel more. Care more. Ketogenics is so much more than weight loss. It’s a wake up call to who you really are. What you can really do. It’s life changing. No, I am not selling you anything. I have no plan for you to buy into, nor a cult for you to join. I am just sharing my story and showing you that even an old mid 40 something set in her ways, can change her life. If I can, someone else out there surely can, too. I don’t like pictures of me, but seeing the actual results, may help me change my mind. Left: Christmas. Right: This morning. So, when are you going to wake up?

I couldn’t be more PROUD!!! 

Now let’s get back to the fun part… THE CUTTING BOARDS!!! These beauties are a TREAT for sure!  The boards are handcrafted using exotic hardwoods milled and finished with food grade oil for protection.   Dinner Party coming up?  This is the perfect cheese and meat display! Looking for unique, one of a kind gifts for birthdays and Christmas?  This is such a sweet and thoughtful gift for anyone who loooves to cook and spend time in their keto kitchen! Woods include: Purpleheart, Bloodwood, Padauk, Jatoba, Walnut, Sapele, White Oak, Cherry, African Mahogany, and Ash.  And you guys, they are SO SO SO PRETTY!!!!  

It’s SO pretty I almost hesitated using it!! (Ok I toooootally hesitated using it!  I just wanted it to stay PERFECT lol) But I found out from Darby that if you wash with a mild detergent and dry right away, the board will almost be self healing. Once a week, apply a thin layer of flax or mineral oil, wipe excess, and store sideways. This will help sanitize and keep its luster.  SIMPLE! They have a bunch of other COOL items in their shop like handmade spoons, coasters and other varieties of cutting boards!  They also do custom orders, so if you are looking for that OH SO PERFECT gift, these Keto fans will take good care of you!!


The BEST thing is that Gates Heritage is offering all my Keto friends some spectacular deals!!!

10% off code for your entire order!!!!
At checkout, include code RACHAELD for 10% off!!

PLUS If you buy 2 boards, you get a THIRD FREE!!!!!!
If you qualify for this, email ( with your transaction number and your FREE item will be sent with your order 🙂


Click here to check them out on Facebook!

Make sure to head on over to their Amazon page and SHOP HAPPY!

“Everything that ever has been always will be, and everything that ever will be always has been.” – Kurt Vonnegut We bring the Mid Century into the Modern Age with One of A Kind Pieces. We focus on creating unique art pieces that are not only beautiful for your home or business, but also functional. All of our pieces are built with the highest quality materials and the most detailed craftsmanship. All of our furniture will have a low impact on the environment. We pride ourselves in specialty one of a kind designs. High end, beautiful luxurious interiors for those who appreciate quality and the art of the craft. Brad & Darby Gates

Custom Built Furniture Designer, Gates Heritage

Uncle Steves KETO Spicy Sausage Balls

Uncle Steves KETO Spicy Sausage Balls

If you have been following my family long enough you have surely heard of my Uncle Steves famous SAUSAGE BALLS that are so easy to make you will wonder how you lived without them until now!

This recipe is very versatile and can truly be used with whatever cheese and ingreedients you have on hand.  We have even pressed them into muffin molds and made them into boats as well as flattened them into burger buns!

Have fun and remember, KETO should be simple, satiating and OH SO SATISFYING!


Rachael Dee

Sausage Balls

Mix 1 cup almond flour with 4 eggs and 1 tsp baking powder.

Mix in 2 cups cheddar cheese, 1 cup mozzarella and 1 cup parmesan cheese.

Add 1 pound of cooked, crumbled sausage.

Place formed balls on greased, aluminum foil covered and cookie sheet and cook for 15 minutes at 400°.

I prefer the spicy sausage, but use whatever you love best!  Breakfast sausage is delicious! (I bake them around 415 degrees for about 18 min because I like them super crispy)

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