THE Most Delicious KETO-LCHF Bagel!

THE Most Delicious KETO-LCHF Bagel!

This keto bagel truly changed the way we look at the way we do bread on a LCHF way of eating!  I am so serious that this is EASY, SIMPLE and delicious!  If you like the Fathead pizza recipe, this is an amazing rendition!  I altered the recipe a bit because I find the addition of salt and a bit more cream cheese is TOTALLY delicious and worth it!

Best part is you can get REALLY creative with your seasonings!  Craving a cinnamon “sugar” (SWERVE!) bagel!!? How about tossing a few blueberries in there!!?  Oh and we can’t forget PUMPKIN and ONION!  Can you tell I am done with summer and ready for FALL!!?

Have fun, get creative and stock up on these delicious yummy options that are only 5 carbs per large bagel!

xox, Rachael Dee


* 1 1/2 cup Almond flour
* 1 tsp Pink Himalayan sea salt
* 1 TBSP Gluten-free baking powder
* 2 1/2 cups Mozzarella cheese (shredded)
* 3 oz Cream cheese (cubed)
* 2 large Eggs (whipped together)
* Trader Joes “Everything but the Bagel” seasoning (for topping – optional)


1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Lay parchment paper on cookie sheet (Don NOT use foil or wax paper as it will stick!).
2. :Mix together the almond flour, sea salt and baking powder in separate bowl then set aside. (And yes, that is 1 full tablespoon.  For this type of keto/fathead style dough, it helps the bagels to RISE!  Trust me, its worth it!!!)
3. Combine the shredded mozzarella and cubed cream cheese in a saucepan on stove on medium setting. Stir together every 30-60 seconds till melted and mixed well. (You can also use a microwave: Heat for 1min, stir and heat for an additional 30sec till mixed)
4. Stir the almond flour mixture and eggs into the melted cheese mixture. (Don’t forget the eggs… been there done that and you will have a very FLAT bagel!!) This is the only part in my opinion that gets a little tricky.  I prefer to knead with my hands until a dough forms but the texture WILL be sticky.  Add a little butter to your hands and keep kneading till fully mixed.  It doesn’t have to look perfect and if you are used to regular bread texture, this WILL be different! That’s OK!!  If the dough becomes too hard before fully mixed or difficult to mix together (if it cools off too much it can become chunky), you can reheat it on low for a minute of so, or microwave for 20 seconds to soften it and finish mixing together.
5. Divide the dough into 6 parts or 12 for mini bagels. I place the dough in a ball and take the end of a spoon and dig out a hole in the center.  From your newly formed hole, pull and mold the dough into a circular shape (1/2-1inch hole is a good size) and then repeat with the remaining dough. If using seasoning, sprinkle the Everything But the Bagel all over the dough and gently press into the tops.
6. Bake for 10-14 minutes, until the bagels are firm and golden.

Easy Cheesy Taco One Pot!

Easy Cheesy Taco One Pot!

I keep trying over and over again to get cauliflower into EVERYTHING I make!  Its like a low carb lovers DREAM!  I feel like it blends with everything and absorbs flavor like a charm! I love cooking with it and using it as a replacement in recipes that call for rice specifically!

Ohhhhhh but my sweet hubby cannot STAND it!  Well… I guess he likes it well enough if it is smothered and covered in butter and cheese, but he can’t stand it when its CALLED something else.  For example, I am no longer allowed to call Caluliflower anything other than what it is.  No Calui-rice or heaven forbid Cauli-PIZZA!

But he’s cute… so I just sneak it in when I can 😉


SO easy… So cheesy and sooooooooo simple to make!
Here is my base recipe but HAVE FUN with the flavors!

My sister even took this mixture and made stuffed bell peppers with them… OH MY YUM! 


-Brown 1lb ground beef with taco seasoning.  Drain and set aside. (We had pre cooked so I just tossed it in at the end)
-Sauté 1 small chopped onion and 1/2-1 bell pepper in butter.  I had frozen chopped veggies in my fridge and used those to save time!
-Once onions and peppers are soft, add 12oz bag of riced cauliflower (fresh or frozen) with more butter and tons of seasoning. Cook till soft.  Add more taco seasoning to your liking.  I added a few tablespoons
-Once soft, add 3 tablespoons of cream cheese and allow to melt, stirring continuously.
-Add diced tomatos and simmer on low till liquid is cooked through.
-Add seasoned ground beef (or meat of choice) and simmer for another 5min till mixed thoroughly.
-Top with avocado and sour cream and VOILA! Delicious dinner in under 30!!! (If using frozen veggies and pre cooked meat, under 20!!)


Monday Motivation! Why should we focus on our overall health and not just weight loss?

Monday Motivation! Why should we focus on our overall health and not just weight loss?

WOW.  I cannot believe it is already JUNE!  Can you believe it!!?
We JUST moved into our FIRST HOME last week and its been a whirlwind of boxes, unpacking, nesting and loving every sore minute of it!!!  What a joyful season this is as we turn right into those summer months!  I can’t wait for lightning bugs, summer BBQ’s, fire pits and whipping us some DELISH keto treats in my new kitchen!!!
I wanted to let you know that I posted a video on my Facebook page this morning about something that tends to come up as a question and frustration with some of my keto family and I knew that SOMEONE NEEDED TO TALK ABOUT IT!
The topic keeps coming up about the pace of WEIGHT loss vs. FAT loss and how we need to focus on the latter… maaaayyybeeeeee being a tad bit kinder to ourselves in progress 😉  There are SO many other reasons that KETO is a benefit to the body and I feel compelled to encourage us all on OUR individual journey.  Many of us might have started KETO for weight loss, but what if there is SO much more available to benefit our bodies?!
You can find the video recording HERE!
I know that I can’t be the only one who wants to (and should) take a sledge hammer to the scale and destroy it for GOOD!  
Ugh. Silly scale.
Hope you had a FABULOUS and keto-licious weekend!

Choosing to ENJOY the journey!

Choosing to ENJOY the journey!


Lets talk about the process of enjoying the journey and letting go of anxiety along the way!

How do you manage your stress and anxiety when life is busy, stressful and complicated?  The answer is a little more simple than I want to admit…Accept the process.  Don’t allow the details of the day to day steal your joy and the little victories along the way.  No matter what you are facing, you have a CHOICE in how you are going to respond.  No one else can make that choice for you.  That’s up to YOU.

As someone who has struggled with anxiety most my life, I understand when everything seems to spiral out of control.  BUT GOD.  Am I leaning into Him and listening to the peace of His voice?  Am I bringing my requests to Him and letting Him fight the battles?  Sadly, not enough.  But my desire is to take each day and find those victories and celebrations.  I want to live from a place where JOY.  Not happiness.  Happiness is just a feeling that is fleeting.  BUT JOY is my portion and He has the ability to reach others in and through me.

So my challenge to MYSELF and anyone else who needs a little pep talk is to REST IN HIS TIMING AND PROCESS.  Rest in His perfect leadership and enjoy the journey.  Tomorrow is not promised, so how will we live TODAY!?  In peace and rest.  And it is a DAILY CHOICE!  Hard?  Yes.  But doable? YES YES YES!

I am rooting you on and cheering for you from the sidelines!  YOU have the ability to CHOOSE to live a life fully pleasing.

Take a deep breath and let the process perfect you in love!  It is worth it dear friends and I am on the journey with you!


Rachael Dee

My Favorite Fatty Coffee

My Favorite Fatty Coffee

My FAVORITE Fatty Coffee

If you have been around the KETO community for a while, you have probably come to know and love the amazing benefits of fatty coffee and how it can boost your brain, give you natural energy and get your morning (or afternoon) started off the right way!

So why the craze of grassfed butter in your morning cup of JOE!?
Let me explain!

These natural, keto-friendly healthy fats are energizing, help you to feel full and satisfied all the while helping your body to burn fuel for the rest of the day!

I drink my cup of fatty joe every morning and often don’t feel hungry till late morning or lunchtime.  This allows my body to stay in a state of intermittent fasting, giving my body time to focus on breaking down fat instead of storing it!  

Remember, eat when HUNGRY and eat fat FIRST!

I always encourage people to start where they are and do what your budget allows, but when preparing this decadent coffee, there is one item my hubby is pretty staunch on using: GRASS fed butter or PASTURE butter.  Some people have found that grass fed GHEE is helpful if you have a dairy allergy.  Note that this is not to be confused with the heating process called pasturazation, but to find a nutrient rich butter that will blend into frothy deliciousness!  Using grass-fed butter has tons of vitamins and nutrients that you will recieve to start your day out RIGHT

Some rule of thought is to ONLY use MCT oil but we find that coconut oil give us all the amazing benefits PLUS it is much much cheaper! (Especially if you get the 84oz tub at Costco… WIN WIN!!)  I go with organic, cold pressed, virgin coconut oil vs. the refined counter part.  There are certain benefits of refined oil, but for right now, just focus on putting those GOOD healthy fats in your body each morning.

SO, by BLENDING (yes, in a blender, not stirred) these two little beauties in your coffee each morning you are getting all of those brain boosting oils to bump your metabolism into high gear as well as create a dream like state of frothy-coffee-glory!

Here is my super simple, SUPER FAST morning routine that my hubby and I looooove!

8-12oz coffee

1tbsp grass fed butter

1tbsp organic coconut oil

1-3 drops of flavored liquid stevia (optional)

Place all ingredients into a blender or Nutri-Bullet and blend for 30-60seconds!

Check out the video Ask Nurse Cindy and I did a few months back and HAVE fun making your OWN fatty coffee!!!  BOTTOMS UP and keto on!

Curious about ways you can get fatty coffee on the GO!!?  KETO//KREME is a healthy fat, and patent form of ceylon for optimizing blood chemistry. It also provides ketones to the blood and brain. Drinking delicious KETO//KREME provides energy and mental focus, powered by healthy fats without inflammatory sugars and mold toxins.  To request a 5 day sample at OUR cost, check out this great info video at  KETO ON!!! 🙂