Classic Winter Diffuser Blends

Classic Winter Diffuser Blends


With Thanksgiving right around the corner, that means only ONE THING…

With Holiday Cheer, family gatherings, mounds of gifts and sleigh bells ringing, make sure that you have ALL the beautiful wintery Oils handy!


From Cassia to Clove, Citrus Bliss and Frankincense your house will smell utterly delicious!  The BEST part is by diffusing these happy oils, you will be purifying and cleansing the air, boosting your mood and emotions while supporting your immune system! WIN WIN WIN!

Here here for Oily-Holiday CHEER!

Breathe in deep, get creative with these blends and have a VERY MERRY OILY CHRISTMAS!!!


8 BEST essential oils to help you GET to sleep and STAY asleep all night long!

8 BEST essential oils to help you GET to sleep and STAY asleep all night long!

We know we need it.  We TRY to get it, but often times it’s the FALLING asleep that is so hard!

Welcome to the wonderful world of essential oils and SLEEP!
Here are my 8 BEST essential oils to help you GET to sleep as well as STAY asleep!  (All the tired mamas say AMEN!!!!)

Why is this important before bed?
Because of how QUICKLY THEY WORK!

When you breathe essential oils in AROMATICALLY, those molecules reach your brain within 22 seconds.  This helps you in a number of ways to relax, unwind, let go of stress and feel peaceful before you lay your head on that soft, squishy pillow.  I love the aromatic benefits due to the fact that they directly affect the Limbic System of your brain.  In a nutshell, that means these simple little oils help to balance and control your mood and emotions!  

Sit back, sniff and say ahhhhhhh!  Great for adults as well as your little’s!

Lullaby blend for those DIFFICULT nights!

 Another great way to use essential oils for sleep is a TOPICAL APPLICATION!  Why!?  Because when you use essential oils topically and they sink into  your skin, they start to service EVERY cell within your body within 2 minutes!  That means after about 20 minutes, these little beauties are circulating into your bloodstream, helping to naturally balance out your bodily systems!  Talk about an amazing way to drift off into peaceful sleep!

*When using oils on children, ALWAYS use a carrier oil!  (This is called dilution.)  These oils are so potent and power-packed, we want to make sure their little bodies can absorb them rightly!  Plus it extends the life of your oils, thus saving you money.  WIN WIN MAMA!  Win win!*

The trick is finding what oils YOUR body chemistry specifically desires!  SO GET CREATIVE!  Try these combos listed and don’t be afraid to see what YOU best respond to!

So if you have been struggling with sleeping through the night and are sick and tired of trying all those crazy pills, grab that lovely bottle of Lavender or splash some Frankincense on your neck and give it a whirl!  2.5 years strong and I looooooove me some deep sleep!

Make sure to comment below with YOUR favorite ways to use essential oils to drift off into sleep!

New to the world of oils and FINALLY ready to get these little babies in your home!!? (Because lets be real, EVERYONE needs oils!!)
Learn more, at your own pace HERE!


Rachael Dee

 **Note ** Bergamot is extremely photosensitive, which means it can make your skin very sensitive to the sun. Therefore, avoid applying bergamot before going outside, or only apply to covered skin.

ESSENTIAL OIL DIY: Luscious Laundry Booster

ESSENTIAL OIL DIY: Luscious Laundry Booster

Good ole’ Epsom Salts.

I feel like they work with EVERYTHING.

Detox Bath Soak.

Bath Bomb Fizzies.

Relaxing Foot Scrubs.


So when I heard about this AMAZINGLY EASY recipe, I knew it would be a winner in my book!
Who doesn’t looooooooooove wonderful smelling laundry!??
And with ALL the combinations of essential oils you could try, you can smell fresh and clean ALL the time!

Have an oops moment and leave your clothes in the washer for too long?
Add a bit more of this mixture in the wash and voila!!!
Musty smell is gone for good!


2 Cups Epsom Salts
10-15 drops each Lavender & Lemon Essential Oil


-Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl.  Use a spatula or wire whisk to make sure oils are fully mixed.
-Store mixture in a glass mason jar and add 1/8th to 1/4 of a cup directly into washing machine before wash cycle begins.
-Double or triple recipe and store in a large glass container in laundry room. Place a handled scoop inside for easy access.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do!

Comment below with your FAVE essential oil laundry combo!


ESSENTIAL OIL DIY: Lavender Rosemary Lotion Bars!

ESSENTIAL OIL DIY: Lavender Rosemary Lotion Bars!

Is your skin SUPER dry as we transition out of winter and into SPRING!?

Boy oh boy is MINE!  I feel like I am shedding a winter coat over here!!!




These were SO fun to make, super luxurious PLUS many of these ingredients are GREAT for other recipes like my Margarita Lip Balm and Whipped Body Butter!!!

1 cup Organic Coconut Oil
1 cup Shea, Cocoa or Mango butter (or a mix of all three)
1 cup beeswax (pellets work the BEST! Trust me on this one)
Optional: 1 teaspoon Vitamin E oil
I got most of these off Amazon for a great price!!  Read the reviews and try to get Organic if you can!

Combine ingredients (other than oils) in a med-large size mason jar. Place jar in 1 inch of boiling water.  Any glass jar will do, just make sure its something you set aside for these projects.  Once the residue dries on the glass, it’s a beast to get off!
Stir ingredients consistently until smooth.  We found that the pellets melt faster than the beeswax blocks.  We even tried grating it but that stuff is TOUGH!  Not impossible but the pellets will save you tons of time!
Remove from heat then add essential oils.  Note to self: If this mixture is too hot it will actually destroy the potency and therapeutic benefits of the oils.  Try and wait a few minutes for it to cool before adding them.  But be careful not to let the mixture start to harden!  If that happens, place it back on the burner (with the water) and let it heat up again.
Carefully pour into molds and allow to cool completely for an hour or so before removing.  I prefer to use these silicone molds as it is easier to pop them out!  SO many fun, cute shapes you can find at any local craft store!  You can also use cupcake liners or individual metal tins that turn out ADORABLE!  The sky’s the limit!

I hope you have as much fun as I did whipping up these ADORABLE bars!
They make perfect gifts for bridal showers, birthdays, Christmas gifts or JUST BECAUSE!

Have fun combining different oils for different application methods!  The possibilities are endless and these little babies keep for a LONG time!
Wrap them in cellophane bags or tissue paper if you are giving them as a gift!  Or you could store them in your bathroom in a cute glass jar!

Make sure to comment below with your favorite essential oil combination and add a picture if you have it!

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