I keep trying over and over again to get cauliflower into EVERYTHING I make!  Its like a low carb lovers DREAM!  I feel like it blends with everything and absorbs flavor like a charm! I love cooking with it and using it as a replacement in recipes that call for rice specifically!

Ohhhhhh but my sweet hubby cannot STAND it!  Well… I guess he likes it well enough if it is smothered and covered in butter and cheese, but he can’t stand it when its CALLED something else.  For example, I am no longer allowed to call Caluliflower anything other than what it is.  No Calui-rice or heaven forbid Cauli-PIZZA!

But he’s cute… so I just sneak it in when I can 😉


SO easy… So cheesy and sooooooooo simple to make!
Here is my base recipe but HAVE FUN with the flavors!

My sister even took this mixture and made stuffed bell peppers with them… OH MY YUM! 


-Brown 1lb ground beef with taco seasoning.  Drain and set aside. (We had pre cooked so I just tossed it in at the end)
-Sauté 1 small chopped onion and 1/2-1 bell pepper in butter.  I had frozen chopped veggies in my fridge and used those to save time!
-Once onions and peppers are soft, add 12oz bag of riced cauliflower (fresh or frozen) with more butter and tons of seasoning. Cook till soft.  Add more taco seasoning to your liking.  I added a few tablespoons
-Once soft, add 3 tablespoons of cream cheese and allow to melt, stirring continuously.
-Add diced tomatos and simmer on low till liquid is cooked through.
-Add seasoned ground beef (or meat of choice) and simmer for another 5min till mixed thoroughly.
-Top with avocado and sour cream and VOILA! Delicious dinner in under 30!!! (If using frozen veggies and pre cooked meat, under 20!!)