This Christmas season my husband and I have been discussing various things to implement into our daily schedule that will produce a focused and healthy lifestyle for the months and years to come. We know that the gift of health is so important, and we want to steward that reality to each other!

We started using essential oils about a month ago (I looooooove them) as well as using our super awesome, easy peasy Nutribullet to be juicing 1-2 meals per day.  If you have been following along (HERE & HERE), you know that I have seen significant breakthrough in my health (migraines nearly gone, no more Tylenol, sleeping better, increased energy, decreased joint pain, down a pants size, skin clearing up etc…) I am shocked!!  Its been almost a year of constant, chronic fatigue and by ridding my body of toxins I am finally on the upswing!

So as we were talking about what to do for Christmas presents this year we brought up the idea of pooling our money together and getting Beach Body’s Focus T-25 program!  It’s a high intensity, super crazy 25 minute non stop BLAST to your system and we have been wanting to purchase it for a few months now. (On Lord I might DIE I am so out of shape!)
I kept thinking to myself that there was nothing I needed for Christmas.  I have a beautiful home, plenty of clothes and shoes, a room full of handmade jewelry and a puppy that is our constant entertainment.  I didn’t know how to answer him as to what I wanted.  I just wanted to keep on track to feeling better.  He said to me one night “the greatest gift I could give to you is our health”.  I was in agreement, and after discussing it for a while, we decided to combine our Christmas money together and “gift” each other with T-25!


I am SO excited (and to be honest NERVOUS) to start and to see us both walk in better health, increased energy and overall physical strength.  I am excited to give the gift of health to myself and to my husband.  We are looking forward to this program because ANYONE has 25 minutes 5x a week.  (I am still worried I might DIE though… HA HA HA!)

My hearts desire is to really focus on having a schedule in 2014 and I know that by adding an exercise program, I will be more focused!  No one LIKES beginning a workout program, but I know that we will be SO grateful that we did!
I can’t wait to share the blood, sweat and tears with you all over the next 10 weeks 🙂

I would love to hear from you about your goals and new areas of focus in 2014.

Here’s to 2014 as a STRONG, focused and healthy year!