Sometimes I get a little nervous to be so raw and vulnerable…

But then I get those comments that come in from other women who are fighting the SAME BATTLES and I realize that we are NOT alone and we are not meant to fight alone. Seriously. WE ARE MEANT TO BE BOLD!

I was so richly blessed by multiple comments, emails and text messages in sharing my blog post on Friday. What is funny to me is that I didn’t even set out to write that post, it just kind of gushed out of me! I felt the Holy Spirit speaking through me as I was soaking in the prand I knew that other women needed to know that they didn’t need to live under fear or insecurity.
Comparison is a cancer and kills the human heart. It affects every part of the way we see, perceive and hear one another, and as I got more and more feedback, I realized that the enemy’s best tactic is to silence and isolate us to believe we are alone in the journey. That is why it is so important to be rooted and grounded in the Word of God, so that when the attacks and accusations come, we have the correct weapons to fight back!

So that brings me to the little nugget of insight I felt this morning as I was reading through Psalm 139…
I was reading verses 2-3 this morning and started to cross reference the verses. “You KNOW when I sit down and when I rise up; You DISCERN my thoughts from afar. You SEARCH out my path and my lying down, and are acquainted with all my ways.” -Psalm 139:2-3
As I have read this Psalm over the years, I actually saw this portion as a somewhat “positive” light, in the sense that He knows every part of me. (Which is very true!!) I often felt warm and fuzzy reading this, never looking a bit deeper into the scripture as to how The Lord was communicating this passage.

When these verses are cross referenced, they actually bring you to scriptures that articulate the reality that God KNOWS and SEES the wickedness of mans heart. Nothing is hidden from Him. NOTHING. I read and re read the verses again and again, and was reminded of Song of Solomon 1:5 that says “I am very dark, but lovely”
WHAT A POWERFUL VERSE THIS IS! The God who SEES the motives, intents and deepest fears and insecurities of our heart ALSO calls us lovely. He sees past the sin that so easily ensnares us, and knows the end from the beginning. God, the tender, yet powerful Father of glory knows the perfect amount of pressure that is needed to purify us and perfect us in love.

It makes me reflect upon my own life… My thoughts, my motives, my real intentions in all the things that I do… and it makes me wonder if I am really walking in alignment with Him and His leadership. If fear is my weakness, then LOVE is the agent that will set me free IN CHRIST. Fear isolates, steals and destroys His voice of truth. Fear causes us to cower in shame. Fear tells us He is not loving and that it is not safe to approach His throne of grace. Yet the Word of God says that through our darkest moments, He calls us beautiful! He enjoys me, loves me, even LIKES ME in the midst of my weakness. When I cry out to Him in repentance and submission, He is faithful to search me out and deliver me.

I don’t have to be bound by fear. I don’t have to live in a posture of insecurity and locked in the penalty box of mistakes. God sees and knows that I am weak. He knows that things in my life have produced a lack of trust, but He is mighty to pull us out of the pit and set our feet on the truth of His word. Do we see Him this way? Do we trust Him this way!? He loves us as we walk along the journey! He delights in us when we stumble and call upon Him for help. He longs to meet us in the place of our weakness.

And this is why we love Him! His compassion and kindness is never ending. Without the spirit of truth we are bound to fear. Yet by the power of His blood and the agreement with His word, we can walk in the freedom God longs to give. Let us be rooted and grounded in His WORD today. Let us agree that nothing can be hidden from His sight, and He longs to set us free from those things that have held us captive for so long.

Call upon His precious name today. Start a conversation about the pain that plagues you. He is already intimately acquainted with your ways and knows the condition of your heart. He is simply looking for a repentant heart that is not ashamed to approach His throne of grace with all boldness. Look to Him. Talk to Him. He is waiting for you and He loves you so much.

“Arise My love, My beautiful on and come away; for BEHOLD the winter is past, the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth, the time for singing has come!” Song of Solomon 2:10-12

Rise up today and stand as you were meant to be!
Walk in the confidence of His love!
He is so faithful to carry you along the way!

Xox -Rachael Dee