Back when I used to drink diet soda like it was my full-time job (don’t judge!) I looooooved squeezing some lime juice to spice it up a bit!

Now that I am soda free (3 years strong baby!) I loooooooove putting lime essential oil in sparkling water!!!
Was that an AH-HA moment for some of you!?  YES.  Citrus essential oils and sparkling water are a match made in heaven!!  Trust me, you need this is in your life!!!

My fave is to use a SodaStream!  It’s so easy!!  Just get your water all fizzy, put 1-3 drops in a GLASS, fill the remainder with your uber bubbly water and VOILA!  Refreshing spritzer that is good FOR you and tastes DELICIOUS!!!!  (Reminder! We never want to use citrus EO’s with plastic/styrofoam! WHY? Click HERE)

But lets get back to basics:

Part 2 of our “Citrus in the Spring Series”

Lets talk about LIME essential oil


Lime Essential Oil (Citrus Aurantifolia) is cold pressed and extracted from the peel of the fruit.  It is such a bright, fierce, invigorating oil.  With aromatic notes that are tart and sweet, Lime is a hidden gem in the essential oil kingdom.  Most people don’t realize the AMAZING benefits about this champ of an oil!  From room refreshing to heavenly guacamole and luscious DIY bath products, this little guy gets passed by BIG time!  But no fear! I’m here to help us change that!!

Lime has some amazing benefits and qualities that might shock you!  Many enjoy using Lime for its digestive support, boosting the immune system, restorative properties, tonic, and respiratory function.  What is incredible about lime though is how quickly it can boost the mood!  Toss that baby in the diffuser and you can’t help but do the happy dance!!


• Diffuse to naturally purify and cleanse the air WHILE also lifting your mood.  (Hellooooo 3pm slump!)
• Place a 1-2 drops on a cotton pad and use to help remove grease spots and sticker residue. (Works AMAZING!)
• Add a few drops of Lime to your water for enhanced flavor. (Helloooooo tropical oasis!)
• Add 1 drop to your DIY all-purpose house cleaner or even to shampoo for added cleansing properties. (YUM!)



Lime helps us reach for our zest for life!  (Sounds awesome already, right?!!)
Many of us go through  various seasons of pain, grief or discouragement and LIME is an amazing oil that can help you break out of that deep, dark funk.  This oil gives the individual courage and cheer, bringing us gratitude in the heart.
Have you ever felt like your emotions just needed a little spring cleaning?
I know I have!

Well, Limes your guy then!  This oil assists in uplifting our heart, welcomes joy and cleans out negative, toxic emotions.  Think of it like a traffic cop, clearing out the debris to make room for hope, courage and joy!  Get ready to feel empowered from the inside out to face life’s challenges with a happy heart!


Lime makes everything brighter!  Illuminate your day by blending with citronella, clary sage, lavender, rosemary and ANY other citrus oils.
For emotional support, Lime blends specifically well with Tangerine, Melissa, Wild Orange and Lavender.


Here’s a snapshot of some of my FAVORITE ways to use and apply Lime Essential oil



Any natural solution taken out of its proper context can be harmful.  Essential oils vary in their characteristics and since we are all different in how we respond to using essential oils, its good to remember to always consider safety and common sense.  Though negative reactions are rare, make sure to be a wise steward of YOUR body and pay attention to how you and your loved ones respond.  Remember a little goes a long way with these power packed oils!  Use caution if you have sensitive skin or are using with small children.  Excessive amounts of any oil can cause skin irritation.  Keep out of direct contact with eyes, ears and nose.  Not all oils are created equal, so research what products you are using carefully and follow directions on label properly.

Citrus oils are often photosensitive.  This means that they contain natural substances called furanocoumarins which can possibly react with ultraviolet light to create hyperpigmentation or burning of the skin.  All those big fancy words mean this: citrus oils can increase the skins sensitivity to UV rays… so be cautious! Even though Lime essential oil has amazing beneficial properties, always take care after TOPICAL application.  It is suggested to wait at least 6-12 hours before exposing skin to UV rays.  (Yes ladies, that also means the tanning bed)  An adverse response can appear within minutes, hours or days after application and exposure, so pay attention!  Don’t fret, just be aware and take care!!


Lime essential oil is your bright, happy, cleansing, mood busting, grease cutting, diffuse daily GO TO oil!
If you haven’t cracked this bad boy open, go grab your Lime oil RIGHT NOW and take a deep whiff!  I promise you will feel like fields of green just entered your soul and you’re ready to take on the world!

Don’t have any Lime on hand or want to learn more?
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I also wanted to pass on one of my faaaaaavorite DIY recipes!
You probably have ALL of these in your kitchen!
If you make it, make sure to let me know how it turns out!!

I hope you enjoyed this Lime-alicious chat and learned something NEW!
Drop me a line and let me know YOUR favorite way to use Lime essential oil!!!  Till next time, Happy Oiling!

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