So yesterday I was given the honor to teach our brand new students and interns at IHOP Atlanta’s Forerunner School of Ministry on the Life Of David!

As I was teaching, the thought struck my heart that if I do anything with the wrong motive, then I am not operating out of love, but vain ambition. I walked the new students through an overview of Davids life found in the Old Testament, and was struck with the beautiful reality that David was considered a man after Gods own heart because his motivation was to love The Lord in everything he put his hands to. He wasn’t looking for the praise or approval of man, but of God. He didn’t curse and revile God when he was tested year after year, but knew The Lord had anointed him king, and faithfully endured till the promise was fulfilled.
This causes my heart to look at my own season as a new wife, a jewelry maker and a lover of Jesus. Do I wake up every morning putting The Lord as my primary motivation? Do I love my husband with my whole heart as I would love Jesus? Do I see my business as a way to express the beauty and creativity of our Heavenly Father?!
This deep motivation of love is what propels me today and I invite you into the journey with me. Let us cast down every high and lofty thought and seek to please and honor The Lord with the love of Christ. I want my life to breath and testify of His abundant goodness. I want to hear him say well done Rachael, you were faithful with the little I gave you, now I will make you faithful in much.

Let Him love you and rest in His abundant affirmation today!!!

-Rachael Dee