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Lemon Cheesecake Fat Bomb

Lovely, Lively LEMON! This my friends is one of my FAVORITE fat bombs for its bright and zingy flavor! With the use of organic lemon juice and essential oils, this is by far the tastiest and happiest of snacks! If you are new to the KETO world, fat is your friend and...

This is how we KETO!

  Wecome to the wonderful world of FAT! Yes my lovlies, FAT IS YOUR FRIEND! So waht is this LOW CARB/HIGH FAT thing all about? Is it just another trend? Many call it a FAD but in reality, Ketogenic eating has been around FOREVER! Let me see if I can help anyone...

Rachael Dee.
JESUS. Loving Wife. Fluffy FurMama. Essential Oil Guru. KETO/LCHF. T1D.
Gluten Free. ENFJ. Living from the heart.

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