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Instant Pot Keto Chili

Come see how easy it is to make a KETO CHILI with the Instant Pot from one of my freezer meals! #thisishowweketo With busy busy schedules, my mom and I took some time a few weekends ago to make some SUPER EASY freezer crock pot meals and they have been a LIFESAVER!...

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Keto Spiced Bacon

Have you ever SPICED your Bacon!? No!!? Well my friends YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON THE BEST THING EVER!!! Simple, easy and so many different varieties!- What we did here is sprinkle our favorite seasoning brand BUTT RUB, where "a little butt run makes everything better"...

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Savory, Fluffy Keto Waffles

Keto waffles for dinner with a low carb blueberry glaze! OH MY SWOON!!! The other night I was seriously craving a heaping plate of WAFFLES.  Im talking smothered and covered, oooooooey gooooooooey melt in your mouth waffles and I don't know how I TOTALLY forgot about...

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Rachael Dee.

JESUS. Loving Wife. Fluffy FurMama. KETO/LCHF. T1D. Gluten Free.
Oily. ENFJ. Living from the heart.

Are you CURIOUS about Exogenous Ketones and the benefits of KETO//OS?

+Fat Loss +Muscle Preservation

+ Reduced Brain Fog + Increased Focus

+Appetite Suppression +Better mood

+Deeper sleep  +Clear Skin