I thought this would be a FUN way for you all to get to know me a bit more!
I found this idea over at Noobbeauty and just had to join in on the fun!
I loved these questions and would LOVE for you to answer them too if you’d like!!

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What is your middle name?¬†Dee! ¬†I was named after my grandmother Delores and she always goes by Dee. ¬†I’ve loved my middle name my whole life and that’s what I go by for business!

What was favorite subject at school? Hmmm… English was a favorite because I love to read and write but if I can be 100% honest, it was ART. ¬†No matter what class it was, I absorbed it all in and loved pottery the most. ¬†I dream of one day having my own studio in a garage xox

What is your favorite drink? Right now COFFEE.  Black with a splash of cream. OMG I could drink it all day every day!! I am also a sparkling water fanatic and love to put a couple drops of citrus essential oil in my bubbly.
When it comes to an adult beverage, I love a good RED!

What is your favorite song at the moment?  No longer slaves by Jonathan and Melissa Helser.  YOU. MUST. LISTEN!!!

What is your¬†favorite¬†food?¬†Pizza. ¬†I mean, is there another option?? ¬†Ok but really… I am currently craving Thai food something fierce! ¬†Get some yellow curry in my belly!

What is the last thing you bought? An adorable pair of TOMS that I got at Ross for only $16.99! I have teensy feet and can fit into a kids size 4! LOVE!!!!!


Favorite book of all time? The Bible.  Where would I be without those words of LIFE!?

Favorite Color? Always and forever P  I  N  K  !  !  !  !

Do you have any pets?¬†My furbabes and besties for life Lovie the fun-loving Yorkie and King Felix the tyrant of a cat ūüėČ ¬†I need to start-up their own Instagram because they are so cute!!!

Favorite¬†Perfume?¬†I stopped wearing perfume a few years back but have an Essential Oil blend that I swoon over!! ¬†Its called the Joyful Blend and actually boosts the endorphin’s in my brain making me happier and healthier!

Favorite¬†Holiday?¬†I am all things CHRISTMAS!!!! ¬†It’s the most magical and wonderful time of the year! ¬†It’s when we celebrate the birth of Jesus! Happiest time you will see me… plus the weather is PERFECTION and I get to wear boots, scarves and pea coats!!!

Are you married? To my best friend and love of my life!  You can find our love story HERE <3  He was definitely worth the wait!  I would do it a thousand times over to be with him xox

Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?¬†The travel bug hit me hard when I was younger and I love going overseas! ¬†For both pleasure and ministry, I want to touch so many nations with the life and love of Jesus. ¬†I have been to Mexico (for a missions trip when I was 16 and we also Honeymooned in Cancun!) Uganda (we helped build a medical clinic as well as a fresh water well!) Cairo, Egypt (I actually rode a camel around the pyramids… CRAZY!) England (London, Bath, Shaftsbury, Manchester) as well as Scotland! ¬†Ready for my next adventure for sure!!!

Do you speak any other language?¬†I wish I did but only a little bit of Spanish… Very little!

How many siblings do you have? One amazing sister who is my best friend in the world! And an incredible sister in LOVE that I get to keep forever <3

What is your¬†favorite¬†shop?¬†Oh man… I have a few faves! ¬†I have always been an American Eagle girl but looooooove the deals I can get at Macy’s! ¬†I love finding a good bargain and am NOT attached to name brands! ¬†Forever 21 is great for all the cheap trends I don’t want to spend a fortune on!!

Favorite¬†restaurant?¬†I have 2! Fogo De Chao, a Brazilian steakhouse is where we favorite EVERY year for my birthday but I also fell in love with the customer service at The Capital Grille¬†ūüôā ¬†Perfect for an anniversary or celebration!

When was the last time you cried?¬†Yesterday… The waves of sadness still creep up on me from time to time in loosing our first baby and the pain of miscarriage. ¬†I miss our son so much but know that he is in perfection with Jesus! ¬†That reality alone gives my heart so much HOPE! ¬†We miss you little guy xox

Favorite¬†Blog?¬†I’m super crazy about my business coach and mentor Sandi Krakowski at arealchange.com ūüôā ¬†She is AMAZING!!!

Favorite¬†Movie?¬†You can’t have just one! ¬†Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, The Princess Bride, Die Hard trilogy, Lord of the Rings trilogy, How to lose a guy in 10 days, The Intern, Frozen (don’t judge!!) and so many others!!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite¬†TV shows?¬†24, Person of Interest, Once Upon a Time, Agents of Shield, The Flash, HGTV (Fixer Upper is my fave but I will literally watch anything from there!) Madame Secretary, When Calls the Heart… SO many others!

PC or Mac? ¬†I’m a rebel… CHROMEBOOK! ¬†I know it is probably on the PC end… but its in a land of its own!

What phone do you have? A Sprint iPhone 6! Only the best!

How tall are you?¬†5″1 and a HALF! ¬†I take my half very seriously thank you very much!!!

Can you cook?¬†I looooooove to cook! ¬†Every since we discovered how severe my gluten intolerance is, I had to get real crafty in the kitchen. ¬†The only thing I haven’t mastered yet is the art of making a perfectly cooked steak. ¬†I leave that and the grilling to the Mister. ¬†He is WAY better at that than me!

WELL THERE YOU HAVE IT!!!  Now you know a bit more about ME and I want to know a bit more about YOU!

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