Ok ok I confess.

I am HORRIBLE at completing CERTAIN tasks on time.
Other things I loooooove doing?  I can’t run fast enough towards them!

Tasks like TAXES. Or expense reports. Or laundry…
Anyone else out there??

Today is the blessed (or dreaded) TAX DAY and though I FINALLY got ours done last night, I could have saved a BUNCH of time, stress and emotional haywire had I stayed on top of it as I went.  uuuuugggghh.

I was thinking about this last night and realized there are a few EASY things anyone can do to stop procrastinating… so I thought I would yell at MYSELF and see if anyone else related!  You too? GREAT!

Here we go!


Well duh.
But are you doing it?  Like REALLY doing it?
Lets take the simplicity of laundry for example.
It HAS to be done and for most people with kids, it needs to be done DAILY.  Double uuuuggghh.

So instead of putting it off in hopes of the laundry fairy coming and sweeping it all away, get a system in place!

“Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.”
Wise words from Ben Franklin and they really make an impact!  If you know you need to do a certain number of loads a week and you get super overwhelmed doing them ALL at once (OMG punch me now) try breaking it down into more reasonable and manageable goals.

Wake up and put a load in.  After lunch put it in the dryer.  Kids down for their nap? FOLD JUST 1 LOAD. 
Then tomorrow do the same thing or every other day if it’s just you and the hubs.

Doesn’t that just FEEL better? Instead of having a pile of 4-5 loads of laundry, you stay organized, integrate it into your schedule and get it done more consistently.  Talk about keeping your stress level (and lack of piles of laundry) low! WIN.


OMG.  If it’s not pretty or creative or somewhat enjoyable I run as fast as I can the other way. YUCK.

For my 2016 taxes I am going to try something new this year to help keep me a bit more on top of things.  First I am going to get some really pretty files.
Insert the wonderland of TARGET…
Target has some gorgeous files that I have seen rotating in their dollar section (omg why is this section so magical!?!) and I looooooove the itty bitty prices!  Recently they have had some adorable home office items that make some of the mundane tasks preeetttyyyyyyy.
Why pretty? Sound a little silly to you?  Well to be honest, keeping record of all my expenses for the month isn’t exactly my idea of FUN.  Buuuuuuut if when I have to pull it all out and I have something lovely to look at, it sparks that tiny sense of joy, I feel like I can pummel through!  Try integrating things like labels, stickers, washi tape and color coding to make it enjoyable!  Mmmmmm washi tape.

ALSO- Get an app on your phone that you LIKE and will USE that has an easy interface. Ok this isn’t exactly pretty, but make it enjoyable.  Read reviews and find something that fits YOUR needs and is actually a bit fun to use!  If you don’t despise doing the work, you will be less likely to procrastinate.  These types of simple changes, though small, will make an impact of consistency over time and get your habits straight!


I touched on this earlier, but if you don’t plan to do it, you will ALWAYS find an excuse to put it off till later.

My husband and I decided that Thursday afternoons will be when we BOTH work on our expense reports.  Not only are we accountable TOGETHER but the weekly consistency helps us to stay on track and not have HOURS to do in one given time slot.  Instead we spend 30-90 minutes a week.  That seems SO doable when you look at it that way!  Some weeks will be super easy and others a bit more time-consuming BUT it’s blocked out int he schedule, just like a meeting would be for work.

This also helps you to remember out of the ordinary situations that crept up.  Keeping a schedule with thing you HATE doing will help you to not avoid it and embrace the simplicity of the task at hand.  Less stress and a little more peace in the heart?  YES PLEASE!!!

So there are my TOP 3 tips to kick procrastinating in the BUTT!

What are some ways that YOU have found helpful to stop procrastinating?
Post a comment below with your FAVORITE tips and tricks!

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Lets kick procrastination in the face ONE DAY AT A TIME!