Hello Lovelies & Happy Trendsetting Thursday!

Trendsetting Thursday?  Rachael What is that!?

Well friends, I am SO glad that you asked!!

This is the first in a series I am going to be starting on a variety of fun fashion trends, new designs from my handmade jewelry line, as well as interviews with beautiful women in the fashion industry and real women who simply want to create and express their own fashion in everyday life.

Can I just say I am SO excited!

Over the past 9 months since I have launched rachaeldee.com, I finally started walking in a dream and passion that God gave me years ago.  Its not just the ability to make handmade jewelry that is trendy, fashionable and affordable that has me excited.  Its also the reality that I have met so many artisans who sell their products, fashion or art forms as they fully embrace and exude the beauty that God has given them in their own unique area of influence.  This is what makes me excited to do what I love and call it my job!

Art, beauty and fashion, I truly believe is an expression that the God of all CREATION has blessed and gifted His people with.  It is the unique trades and gifts that are meant to enhance and beautiful His people!  For me, designing artisan, hand made jewelry is really about women adorning themselves with the beauty of Jesus and celebrating the fact that they represent the heart of God!  The jewelry is just the fun part 😉

I want to take Thursdays as an opportunity to connect with YOU.  I want to talk trends, take away points and hear your input on the day to day hustle and bustle of being the best YOU that YOU can be.  You might be a stay at home mom, a college student, a working-two-jobs-single mom just trying to pay the bills.  You might be some fancy pants lawyer with a gift of justice, a hairdresser or nanny.  AND YOU KNOW WHAT!!?  Each and every one of you is beautiful!
Each and every one of you have an aspect of Gods beauty to express and give to those around you…


To start today’s first TRENDSETTING topic, I have chosen one of my favorite Fall/Winter color trends:


cobalt blue

This color trend is a rich, saturated hue of blue that is sure to stand out on any skin tone.
It is seen to be paired well with a steel grey, simple black, white, cherry red or even neutral taupe!

Again, my motto is be bright, bold and beautiful in whatever you choose wear.
Let the daring and dashing side of your personality SHINE through a simple statement piece.

Now, lets talk accessories!

cobalt blue statement necklace

efea6cb52685c2cd8f43b4bace3c9897(Via Pinterest-fashionrooftop.com)

a0c9f62e2e5440624a6a9230bac14cae(Via Pinterest-beautyandsass.com)

Too scared to use Cobalt Blue as the main thrust of color in your outfit!?
I have some beautiful friends who love to keep a simple, sleek, neutral silhouette while using the trending color in their accessories instead of the totality of their ensemble!

(Picture source via Pinterest at thefrisky.com)

Cobalt blue is a fun, life-giving color that speaks of peace, stability, calmness but importantly of CONFIDENCE.

So this week, open up the door to trying this gorgeous fall color trend and see how it makes you feel, how it improves your confidence and makes you walk with a bit of swagger 😉


Comment below with YOUR best tips and tricks in using this stunning color!  I read every response and want to hear your thoughts!

Until Next time, xox
Rachael Dee