WOW.  I cannot believe it is already JUNE!  Can you believe it!!?
We JUST moved into our FIRST HOME last week and its been a whirlwind of boxes, unpacking, nesting and loving every sore minute of it!!!  What a joyful season this is as we turn right into those summer months!  I can’t wait for lightning bugs, summer BBQ’s, fire pits and whipping us some DELISH keto treats in my new kitchen!!!
I wanted to let you know that I posted a video on my Facebook page this morning about something that tends to come up as a question and frustration with some of my keto family and I knew that SOMEONE NEEDED TO TALK ABOUT IT!
The topic keeps coming up about the pace of WEIGHT loss vs. FAT loss and how we need to focus on the latter… maaaayyybeeeeee being a tad bit kinder to ourselves in progress 😉  There are SO many other reasons that KETO is a benefit to the body and I feel compelled to encourage us all on OUR individual journey.  Many of us might have started KETO for weight loss, but what if there is SO much more available to benefit our bodies?!
You can find the video recording HERE!
I know that I can’t be the only one who wants to (and should) take a sledge hammer to the scale and destroy it for GOOD!  
Ugh. Silly scale.
Hope you had a FABULOUS and keto-licious weekend!