Rachael Dee

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My Favorite Fatty Coffee

My FAVORITE Fatty Coffee If you have been around the KETO community for a while, you have probably come to know and love the amazing benefits of fatty coffee and how it can boost your brain, give you natural energy and get your morning (or afternoon)...

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If you don’t quit, you WIN!

Heyyyyyyy friends!!!   Its Monday and I am FEELING IT. ¬†Anyone else?? As I was choosing to actually get out of bed this morning at 4:45, I was developing¬†every excuse in the book of why it wasn't a good idea to workout and that sleep was soooooo much better for...

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Rachael Dee.

JESUS. Loving Wife. Fluffy FurMama. KETO/LCHF. T1D. Gluten Free. 
 Oily. ENFJ. Living from the heart.

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