1 simple trick to boost your mood and energy EVERY DAY!

1 simple trick to boost your mood and energy EVERY DAY!


Ready for less fatigue and more fun!!?


Here is my simple, effortless, easy peasy daily habit that helps keep my moods balanced, emotions stable and immune system soaring!

Curious what I use each day!!?

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Essential Oils and mood support are a fantastic way to keep you AND the family happy & healthy.  We know that when we smell something lovely, it can envoke warm memories or brighten our day.  THAT my friends is the benefits of AROMA and how it can powerfully shift your mood!  Talk about taking time to stop and smell the roses 🙂
When we breathe in those beautiful aromatic compunds, our limbic system in our brain is boosted in the happiest of ways!  The limbic system is like the control center for our moods.  This makes the usage of essential oils SO easy to breathe in or diffuse to make everyone perk up or calm down!

Mama’s take note!  If you have a cranky kiddo, happy oils are your new BFF’s!  Homework time have everyone distracted!?  Pop in some FOCUS oils into the diffuser and watch your littles settle in for study.  There are SO many amazing benefits and at only pennies per dose, what do you have to loose!!?  And all the mamas broke into a PRAISE DANCE!

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Lemon Cheesecake Fat Bomb

Lemon Cheesecake Fat Bomb

Lovely, Lively LEMON!

This my friends is one of my FAVORITE fat bombs for its bright and zingy flavor!
With the use of organic lemon juice and essential oils, this is by far the tastiest and happiest of snacks!

If you are new to the KETO world, fat is your friend and FAT BOMBS are your besties!!
When you are focusing 70% of your calories coming from FAT, it can often be hard to reach those numbers.  Thus, meet your new sweet treat!  Fat bombs are so easy to make and stay in the freezer for weeks (if they even last that long!!)  You can go from fruity to chocolaty; savory and sweet!  Most have some inclusion of coconut oil, grassfed butter and cream cheese.

Mmmmm.  Cream cheese!

For these fat bombs you can use a handheld mixer OR a KitchenAid!
I just got my beautiful KitchenAid for my birthday and I’m in LOVE!
This recipe is a great base for MANY different fruit or essential oil combos that you can try.  I LOOOOOVE a ton of flavor, so make sure to have fun and play around with your ingredients.  I always see recipes as a structure meant to be explored 😉  It can often get me into trouble with baking though!

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Rachael Dee



3TBS Lemon Juice

4 drops doTERRA Essential Oil (Optional)

8oz softened Cream Cheese

4TBS softened Grassfed Butter OR Coconut Oil

3TBS Swerve (erythritol sweetener) OR 10 drops liquid Stevia

1TBS Pure Vanilla Extract



1. Combine ALL ingredients in large mixing bowl.

2. Blend on med/med-high with electric mixer till smooth consistency

3. Place candy mold onto cookie sheet for stability

4. Spoon mixture into candy molds OR mini muffin cups

5. Place tray into freezer for minimum of 30min

6. Remove from candy mold after hardened and DEVOUR!


7. Store in air-tight container


Classic Winter Diffuser Blends

Classic Winter Diffuser Blends


With Thanksgiving right around the corner, that means only ONE THING…

With Holiday Cheer, family gatherings, mounds of gifts and sleigh bells ringing, make sure that you have ALL the beautiful wintery Oils handy!


From Cassia to Clove, Citrus Bliss and Frankincense your house will smell utterly delicious!  The BEST part is by diffusing these happy oils, you will be purifying and cleansing the air, boosting your mood and emotions while supporting your immune system! WIN WIN WIN!

Here here for Oily-Holiday CHEER!

Breathe in deep, get creative with these blends and have a VERY MERRY OILY CHRISTMAS!!!