So I take it you have seen my Fa La La La La Facebook Friday Sale Flyer!!?
NO!?  Well here you go 😉


Getting excited yet!?  ME TOO!!!

What I want to do now is lay the ground rules for tomorrows sale.
All of my designs are hand made and ONE OF A KIND.
Yes, that’s right!  Each piece as individual as you are and as such is individually beautiful.
*With that, once an item has SOLD, it is gone for good!*
I wanted to make sure everyone is on the same page with this, so that the sale runs smoothly.  If there is an item that can be recreated, it will say “2 available” etc. but each available piece will each have an element (bead, color, metal etc) that makes it unique and one of a kind.

Make sense?  Good!  Now lets move onto the rules 🙂
(If you are lost at ANY POINT, comment below and I will answer your question ASAP)

Fa La La La La Facebook Friday Sale RULES & GUILDELINES:
To receive the sale, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that these rules be followed.
There is huge anticipation and buzz, with product moving FAST, so I want to make sure it goes as smooth as possible.  I will post a video tutorial this evening to clarify any of this!

Simple Breakdown:
1. Submit your order before cutoff to receive discount.
2. Mark SOLD in the comment section of the item you wish to purchase.
3. Message me individual photos of items you wish to purchase.
4. Message me your email address to receive invoice.

Detailed Breakdown:
1. The sale is broken down into 3 two hour time slots, finishing with a 12 hour 50%off burst.  To receive a certain percentage off, you must message me your time zone and submit your order before any specific cutoff.   *Pacific, Mountain, Central or Eastern.  (Ex: To get 60% off, you must submit your COMPLETED order by 12pm.)
Facebook allows me to see your location, and the messages time stamp when they are sent, so I will be able to confirm those details along with you.
I will be firm with submission times, so please keep that in mind!

2.This is a first come, first serve sale, so to keep an even playing field, I am asking you to mark SOLD in the comment section of the photo you want.  If the item is marked sold, it is no longer available.  (I will not be accepting custom orders at the sale price, but they are still available at a full price.  Please message me for details concerning custom orders. Lead time for any custom order will be after the New Year.)

3. In sending your order through Facebook’s message tab, I will need photos of each item you wish to purchase and that you have posted SOLD on.
On a computer you can copy and paste the photo in the message or on an iPad you can save it to your camera roll and add as an attachment.  (Tonight’s tutorial will explain this in depth.)  So for example, if you ordered 7 items, you would message me 7 pictures.

4. The last thing I need from you is your email address.  I will send you an invoice within 48 hours and it needs to be paid within 24 hours.  Due to high volume, I will not be able to “hold” orders.

ALL ITEMS ARE LOCATED AT https://facebook.com/youareallfair/photos_stream
*No items will be sold at rachaeldee.com at this time.  Please click the link above.
*There will be a specific SALE ALBUM to shop from.

I love seeing a woman’s face light up with the excitement of beautiful, handcrafted, unique, one of a kind piece of jewelry!  And at this price, I am practically GIVING it away 😉  Please feel free to ask any questions NOW so that I can answer them by tomorrow and include them on the tutorial tonight 🙂

Have fun, shine bright and as always, SHOP HAPPY!