1497719_10152059069723119_741155844_nI am SO excited about entering into 2014 and focusing on goal setting!  As we are only 1 day away from entering into the New Year, I have been doing a little soul-searching.

I don’t want to skim through this upcoming year but BELIEVE that I can change for the better and live a thriving life!  I don’t want to try and do this alone, but involve my friends and family along the journey.  It’s statistically proven that when we are accountable to each other, there is a higher percentage to permanently stay on track to your goals.  It’s so much easier and exciting to walk into freedom and breakthrough with FRIENDS!!


So what do you do!?  It is So easy, super fun & here you have it!

My challenge for you in the month of January is to actually get your goals broken up into small, manageable pieces.  On a piece of paper, white down 4 LIFE categories: Physical, financial, spiritual and personal.  Take some time to think through each category and jot down areas that you want to focus on and grow in.  After you have a good amount of thoughts and ideas written down, grab your planner, iPad, or desk calendar (whatever you will actually USE to stay organized) and take those goals one month at a time.

For example, my goals for January are as follows: Physical-continue juicing 2x a day & schedule morning workouts 5 days a week.  Financial-Begin Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace University” and start a cash system & zero budget. Spiritual– Read through the book of John & meditate on verses that stick out to me.  Personal- Schedule 2 “hang out” times with friends.

It’s that easy!  Yet it is so important to actually schedule it, write it down, & PLAN your life!  Once you have those 4 aspects locked down, they you can try adding in more details.  Start that by simply taking one week at a time, & start to plug-in those goals in ways that are DOABLE!  Don’t reach for things that are too lofty or unobtainable, but reasonable and measurable goals.  Start small and build!

15c00d3c1c7e13a701fce3fea1067456Write them down! Track you progress and tell me some of the areas that you are going to focus on in the month of January!  Pop on over to www.facebook.com/youareallfair and let me know if you have any questions 🙂  I know you can do this friends!