Keto Spiced Bacon

Keto Spiced Bacon

Have you ever SPICED your Bacon!?


Simple, easy and so many different varieties!-

What we did here is sprinkle our favorite seasoning brand BUTT RUB, where “a little butt run makes everything better” :). We get ours in bulk at Costco and LOVE putting it on literaly EVERYTHING!!!
Sprinkle on Eggs, Meat, BBQ… you name it!!

The other ingredient that Justin used was a little bit of Sukrin Gold, low carb brown sugar blend and it gave it that tiny hint of sweetness with the spice of the Butt Rub.  YALL. OMG. GAME CHANGER!

Whats great is that you can really use ANY combination of spices and we love to experiment and have fun with it!  Try some Carribean Jerk, Cajun, any sort of BBQ dry run and so much more!  Remember that a little goes a long way, so sprinkle wisely ;). Check out the video below for all the spicey details!


1-2 lbs of your favorite Bacon
1-2TBSP Butt Rub per pound of bacon


Lay bacon out piece by piece on parchment paper or tin foil.
Take your desired seasoning and evenly coat each piece.
Place in oven for 12-15min on 400 and inhale once crispy, golden brown!


Savory, Fluffy Keto Waffles

Savory, Fluffy Keto Waffles

Keto waffles for dinner with a low carb blueberry glaze! OH MY SWOON!!!

The other night I was seriously craving a heaping plate of WAFFLES.  Im talking smothered and covered, oooooooey gooooooooey melt in your mouth waffles and I don’t know how I TOTALLY forgot about this recipe from way back in the day when I first started KETO!

PLUS waffle makers are SO CHEAP and they are so easy to make!  This recipe really gives you that fluffy, savory texture and is chock full of FIBER!  Most times I can only eat half of one because they are SO filling 🙂

With toppings we have tried a yummy handful of things that have given us the taste and texture we are craving! First and foremost is MELTED BUTTER EVERYWHERE.  Rember growing up where you thought you had to be scarce with your butter but REALLY wanted all those little squares to be filled! DREAM COME TRUE!  Now I love it when its smothered and covered with that beautiful butter glory!

There are a ton of great SF syrups that you can find and your local grocery store or Amazon and that is my hubbys favorite way to consume these waffles.  We have also melted peanut butter and grass fed butter together to make a delicious melt in your mouth syrup and that is my personal fave!  But this time around we went for that refreshing summer berry glaze and it turned out PERFECTLY!  Plus it was so easy and you can drizzle any remainin over your homemade Keto Icecream ;). #winning

These are also DELICIOUS cold out of the fridge and PERFECT for lunchbox snacks!

Have fun with this recipe and remember that almost ANYTHING can be made with KETO friendly ingredients!  Don’t think that its a restrictive and boring way to live but rather SIMPLE, SATISFYING and SUSTAINABLE!


(It made 5 big 7 inch waffles-size of my waffle maker. Adjust carb count accordingly)

2 C Almond Flour
8Tbl Flaxseed
2 Tbl Psyllium Husk ( optional)
1 1/3 C Coconut Milk
1 Tbl AND 1 Tsp both Vanilla AND Baking Powder
8 Large Eggs
1 1/3 Tbs Ghee (or butter or coconut oil)
1Tbs Cinnamon
1/3 C Serve (optional)


-Plug in waffel iron and turn on to pre-heat.
-Place items in bowl and mix well with KitchenAid or hand mixer. Be sure to blend well.
-Spray iron with coconut oil spray (I find this is the ONLY way to truly get them to come off easily and without breaking and has the most mild taste. I get mine at Walmart.)
-Spoon or pour batter into pre-heated waffle maker and cook until done (varies by manufacture).
-Remove lush waffle and repeat until batter gone. Batter will thicken as it sits in bowl.
-When all waffles are made, Divide net carbs of 34 by number of waffles you end up with.
(I ended up with 6 waffles, so 5.6 net carbs each)
-Add carbs from your topping if you use them. Enjoy!!

Blueberry Glaze:
1 Cup frozen berries
3tbsp swerve
Bring to boil in saucepan over medium heat and let simmer for 5-10min till thick.


Low carb, Keto burger buns!

Low carb, Keto burger buns!

Are you a BIG FAN of Fathead Pizza?

When we made this for the first time we were DESPERATELY craving some sort of bread texture to have with our burgers (a weekly dinner staple for our busy schedule) and my husband suggested we use the Fathead dough as a bun style bread.  I was curious at the idea

and thought WHAT THE HECK, we might as well try!


This video makes me laugh so hard because I took one bite, looked at Justin and said GRAB THE PHONE!  THE KETO WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW THIS IS POSSIBLE!!!  And the video went VIRAL lol!  Within 24 hours there were over 25k views, which is WELL ABOVE my normal average ;). I just HAD to share the love with YOU!

I’m pretty sure Fathead dough happens a few times per week in our house in one form or another and the best thing about this recipe is that it is SO versatile!  We have made this dough into bagels, piggies in a blanket, crackers, bread and so much more!  It can EVEN be made into sweet keto cinnamon rolls… and I have a feeling this NEEDS to happen at some point this weekend when my mama Ask Nurse Cindy is here 🙂

We took basic recipe and divided it up into 4 separate sections, flattening them into a circular shape and baking as normal.  You could even make them smaller, in the size of a slider or into ovals, spread super thin and use like a flatbread for sandwiches.  have fun, get creative and make sure to comment below with your FAVORITE way to Fathead!  The original post and recipe can be found HERE!

-1 3/4 cups pre shredded/grated cheese mozzarella is the best or Edam/mild cheese
-3/4 cups almond meal/flour
-2 tbsp cream cheese
-1 egg
-pinch salt to taste
-1/2 tsp dried rosemary/ garlic or other flavorings optional

-Preheat oven to 425.
-Mix almond flour and mozzarella together and add to a saucepan over medium.  Toss in cream cheese cubed and mix until melted.  You can also heat in a microwave for one minute, stir then again for 30 seconds.
-Remove from heat once melted.  Add egg and seasonings and mix thoroughly.  (Sometimes helpful to mix with hands to blend texture)
-Cut dough into 4 sections and spread out thinly onto PARCHMENT PAPER (it will stick and burn on anything else).  You can place dough between 2 sheets of parchment paper to spread out into circles and create even texture.
-Make 2-3 fork holes in each circle to ensure even cooking.
-Bake for 12-15 minutes till golden brown.  You can flip half way through to get both sides crisp and cooked evenly.
-Once cooked allow to cool for 3-5min then slap your toppings on your burger and INHALE!  You will thank me later 🙂

5 Easy Ways to start eating Ketogenic!

5 Easy Ways to start eating Ketogenic!

Having you been overwhelmed by ALL the rules and differences in getting started eating KETO!? I understand and wanted to let you know that it DOES NOT have to be hard!  I encourage all my newbies to take it easy in the beginning and focus on a few small goals their first month or two!  THEN when you feel like you have a handle on the whole LOWER YOUR CARB angle of KETO, you can start fine tuning your lifestyle.  But until then, here are my simple getting started ideas to keep you SANE and thriving!!

1-KISS-KEEP IT SIMPLE SILLY In the beginning DON’T overthink it! Reduce your overall carb intake and eat when you are hungry and EAT FAT FIRST! Fine tuning comes later!  Let your carbs come from PLANTS that are grown above ground and just pay attention to your overall carb count.  If you are going from 200 carbs per day down to 20-30, that will be PLENTY to focus on!  Make the best choices you can and don’t beat yourself up if it’s not PERFECT!


2-CUT THOSE CARBS Start out by restricting refined, processed carbs (pasta, bread, grains, most fruit) to 20-30 carbs PER DAY.Yes. Per day… I know that might be hard in the beginning but there are TONS of recipes all over the internet to help you curb those hunger and snack cravings.  You can check out Google search or Pinterest for thousands of ideas!  Make sure to have your carbs come from veggies grown above ground instead of processed “low carb” snacks that can actually hinder your goals and progress.  Treats you can purchase at the store are ok once and a while but focus on getting good, nutrient dense foods in you and EAT LOTS OF FAT if you feel hungry!!


3-FAT IS YOUR FRIEND Speaking of fat…Did someone say BACON!!? YES WE DID! Load up on ALL the good healthy fats like coconut oil, avocados, full fat dressing, olive oil and fatty cuts of meat and portioned amounts of nuts and seeds! You will feel full, satisfied and won’t eat as much!  If you are hungry or snacky, remember that you are probably NOT getting enough fat.  Don’t be afraid to use 1 TBSP of butter PER scrambled egg!  Fatty Coffee is a MUST have in our household and helps us stay satisfied all morning long!!  Another great way to make sure you are getting enough FAT in the beginning of this way of eating is making delicious FAT BOMBS!!! There are tons of recipes and variations out there but I love these Lemon Cream cheese bites that are simple and easy to whip up!


4-DRINK LOTS OF WATER… LOTS! Not only is water GOOD for all of our organ function and helps to flush out toxins, but it can easily aid in fat loss and losing weight faster! In ketosis, you’ve rid your muscles of glycogen which holds on to water. As your body burns through that stored glycogen and you don’t replace it because you aren’t eating carbs, your body’s water stores get depleted as well. So its important to drink up to avoid dehydration!  This is SO good to remember in the first week or two as your body is detoxing all that SUGAR and you feel those headaches pounding!  Equally as important is to make sure you are getting ENOUGH SALT!!!  Check out to learn about the WHY behind the need for salt, but if you are feeling sluggish, tired or can’t seem to shake the headache, place 1/8tsp of pink hymilaian sea salt in 1-2oz of warm water and CHUG!  Boullion cubes and chicken broth are also good to replenish your electrolytes as well!  You can check out my mom, Ask Nurse Cindys video on the importance of salt HERE!


5-DON’T OVERDO THE PROTEIN Excess protein on KETO creates an energy process called gluconeogenesis (GNG), where the body turns that protein into glucose. When the body turns to protein for fuel, it keeps your body from going into ketosis.  Moderate protein is different than different diets where protein is a free for all.  If you are using a tracker like My Fitness Pal or the AMAZING Maria Emmerich calculator HERE you can better calculate how much protein your body type needs. Again, in the beginning, don’t fret TOO MUCH about this!  If you feel like you are not losing weight or stuck at a stall, that’s when its important to pay attention to the AMOUNT of protein we actually need to consume!

I hope that this was helpful for you and that you feel empowered to take your life, emotions and energy to the next level!  Many people start to feel the BRAIN BOOST within the first week or two and start SOARING in the first and second month!

We also LOVE a supplement that are actual ketone bodies you can DRINK and get into KETOSIS within an hour!  I have found that many people just starting out are actually able to AVOID the dreaded “keto flu” symptoms and feel those bursts of energy immediately!  If you are interested in learning more and getting some EXOGENOUS KETONES in your hands as you start your journey, you can learn more HERE!!!  We use them daily and find the support it gives our body is FANTASTIC!
Have fun, keep it simple and KETO ON!
Make sure to stay connected at for daily tips, tricks and lots of heartfelt inspiration to keep you and your heart focused on changing your life one bite at a time!
xox, Rachael Dee

Ready to learn about the benefits of Exogenous Ketones!?


My Favorite Fatty Coffee

My Favorite Fatty Coffee

My FAVORITE Fatty Coffee

If you have been around the KETO community for a while, you have probably come to know and love the amazing benefits of fatty coffee and how it can boost your brain, give you natural energy and get your morning (or afternoon) started off the right way!

So why the craze of grassfed butter in your morning cup of JOE!?
Let me explain!

These natural, keto-friendly healthy fats are energizing, help you to feel full and satisfied all the while helping your body to burn fuel for the rest of the day!

I drink my cup of fatty joe every morning and often don’t feel hungry till late morning or lunchtime.  This allows my body to stay in a state of intermittent fasting, giving my body time to focus on breaking down fat instead of storing it!  

Remember, eat when HUNGRY and eat fat FIRST!

I always encourage people to start where they are and do what your budget allows, but when preparing this decadent coffee, there is one item my hubby is pretty staunch on using: GRASS fed butter or PASTURE butter.  Some people have found that grass fed GHEE is helpful if you have a dairy allergy.  Note that this is not to be confused with the heating process called pasturazation, but to find a nutrient rich butter that will blend into frothy deliciousness!  Using grass-fed butter has tons of vitamins and nutrients that you will recieve to start your day out RIGHT

Some rule of thought is to ONLY use MCT oil but we find that coconut oil give us all the amazing benefits PLUS it is much much cheaper! (Especially if you get the 84oz tub at Costco… WIN WIN!!)  I go with organic, cold pressed, virgin coconut oil vs. the refined counter part.  There are certain benefits of refined oil, but for right now, just focus on putting those GOOD healthy fats in your body each morning.

SO, by BLENDING (yes, in a blender, not stirred) these two little beauties in your coffee each morning you are getting all of those brain boosting oils to bump your metabolism into high gear as well as create a dream like state of frothy-coffee-glory!

Here is my super simple, SUPER FAST morning routine that my hubby and I looooove!

8-12oz coffee

1tbsp grass fed butter

1tbsp organic coconut oil

1-3 drops of flavored liquid stevia (optional)

Place all ingredients into a blender or Nutri-Bullet and blend for 30-60seconds!

Check out the video Ask Nurse Cindy and I did a few months back and HAVE fun making your OWN fatty coffee!!!  BOTTOMS UP and keto on!

Curious about ways you can get fatty coffee on the GO!!?  KETO//KREME is a healthy fat, and patent form of ceylon for optimizing blood chemistry. It also provides ketones to the blood and brain. Drinking delicious KETO//KREME provides energy and mental focus, powered by healthy fats without inflammatory sugars and mold toxins.  To request a 5 day sample at OUR cost, check out this great info video at  KETO ON!!! 🙂

If you don’t quit, you WIN!

If you don’t quit, you WIN!

Heyyyyyyy friends!!!


Its Monday and I am FEELING IT.  Anyone else??

As I was choosing to actually get out of bed this morning at 4:45, I was developing every excuse in the book of why it wasn’t a good idea to workout and that sleep was soooooo much better for me.

But then again, I have this conversation EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING.

I was thinking about my tendency to slip down that slope of excuses (helloooooooo lazy bum) and realized that if I quit today, I will probably come up with an excuse to quit tomorrow… and the next day… and the next day… and the next day…

You catch my drift?
(Ever been there yourself friend?)

Yet as I was pumping some iron and breaking a pretty great sweat at O’Dark-thirty and getting my heart rate up, I thought about a familiar phrase a teacher used to say ALL the time…



Think about that for a minute.  

The only way you fail at this adventure we call life is if you throw in the towel and giving up.
But it doesn’t always look like a HUGE moment of failure does it?

Quitting could be loosing heart in a goal you set for yourself.
Quitting could mean putting everything else first before your health and well being.
Quitting could mean letting go of who God made you to be and falling into the trap of comparison and perfectionism. Oh man… That’s where I have been!

So how do we change?

It’s surprisingly simple…
Tiny, microscopic, little, daily choices.

Saying yes to the things that are going to bless and benefit your body, even when you DON’T want to (helloooooooo 4:45am wake up call).  Its taking your priorities, to-do list and responsibilities and letting go of the things that don’t REALLY matter.

Winning is YOU being fully present, living from your beautiful heart and saying yes day after day after day.  I know its not easy sweet friend, but I am right there with you and believe in you.

Take a deep breathe and know that you and God got this today <3


If you don’t quit, YOU WIN!!!


Rachael Dee